Bad News

Bad News

Eight things for a good email subject
May 17, 2016
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May 31, 2016
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Bad News

Subject was – Bad News

The bad news is that so many people spend time writing emails that no one seems to read!

Do you ever wish you could get more engagement from the emails you spend time writing? If you’re like me then you didn’t go into this business to be a copy writer, but what if there were some really simple steps to follow to make it easy?

Following on from last week’s email about subject lines, this email discusses how to keep the momentum going.

Once someone opens your email, then what? How do you keep their attention?

When a reader has opened your email, you must build on their interest level with the very first line they read. If you don’t you’ve lost them, so create something that is intriguing, controversial, challenging, exciting or urgent.

Your next sentence, just a sentence, should build on that; flesh out some of the ideas, start the process of defining in the readers mind what it is they’re about to find out and inject a little personality, or personal connection.

Take this email as an example. We used a provocative subject line, then piqued your interest further with something a little challenging which raised some personal controversy by saying no one will read your emails.

Our next sentence then clarified what were are going to be discussing, and made it personal buy saying “If you’re like me…”, this immediately put us both on the same side of the discussion, you’re not going to be lectured to, but instead we’re facing this shoulder to shoulder.

Once you have your readers hooked you have given yourself a chance to build your story, and start going into the content in more depth, and we’ll cover this in more detail in our next email.

What’s up next?
Next we’ll look at how to write your email content and how to get people to act on it.

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