Data capture is one of the most vital elements of any business website, but it appears to be one the least appreciated and least implemented.

Top six benefits of Data Capture

Builds a permission based list

Permission based marketing lists are extremely valuable. By ensuring you are only emailing people who have willingly given you there contact details, you protect your business’ reputation as a conscientious company. These lists are far more productive and valuable then just buying in a mailing database. Conversion rates are higher and topic relevance is much easier to establish, so it is definitely worth investing some time to build them up.

Make it easy and compelling for visitors to engage

Most people need a little encouragement to take the plunge and contact a business about its products or services. Offering up easy ways to let people get in touch with your business, and in doing so also providing them with something a bit extra, is far more productive than a standard ‘Contact Us’ page. It makes it easier for the visitor, and it helps you better understand their motivation.

Helps establish your business as an authority

The more you talk about your business, area of expertise, or specialism, providing useful and interesting information, the more people will see you as an authority on the subject. This builds trust and confidence which in turn generates more enquires. By putting together a considered strategy to provide informative and useful communications when following up with your contacts, you are able to demonstrate your willingness to help, as well showcase your subject knowledge. Once you have gained the trust of your contacts, they are far more likely to contact you when they are ready for your products or services, and also more likely to share your details with their own contacts, and so expand your reach even further.

Puts control of communications into your hands

Once a visitor has shared their contact information with you, you can initiate a dialog with them and keep that dialog going. If visitors come to your site, and are not encouraged to share their contact details with you, you have no way of following up. There are ways you can try to encourage them to revisit your site, for example remarketing, but unless the site is set up for them to engage with you, then even if remarketing is successful the site will still under-perform.

Helps you stay focused on your content direction

Thinking about creating data capture points, means you have to think about offering the visitor something that interests them – that in turn means you start to orientate your content towards how what you do benefits the visitor, and this can only be a good thing. Content that just focuses on what your company does will not fully resonate with the visitor. They have their own requirements front of mind when looking at your site so content that clearly demonstrates what the benefits of your company are, will connect more effectively with the visitor.

Provides valuable insight into what interests them

Sensibly placed data capture points mean that visitors automatically segregate themselves into which topics/services/products interest them. A generic ‘Contact Us’ page can at best just ask which service they are interested in. However data capture points, placed in appropriate areas of the site, mean you will automatically understand what interests them, just by knowing which form they had completed.


Every contact is a data capture opportunity

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