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e64 Web and Email Hosting

Premium Business Hosting Package

So often hosting is offered with other web services as an inconsequential add-on service, without giving it the appropriate level of thought or importance.

We take hosting very seriously, and you will to the first time your hosting provider lets you down when something goes wrong. How important to you will hosting become if your website is down for 5 days, or your emails are no longer working?

It's only at time like these that most businesses appreciate how important hosting is, and how much of an issue it will cause if it lets you down. This is why e64 takes hosting very seriously, but not just the basics of providing the hosting services, but included in all our hosting packages is high level resilience. All our servers are duplicated in two separate locations in the UK, all websites and database are automatically backed up (incredibly this is not a standard service with most providers).

e64 Website and Email Hosting includes:

  • 1 GB File Server Disk Space
  • Automated File and Database Backups (4 per day)
  • 3GB Data Transfer (Bandwidth) Per Month
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Online Webmail for Remote Email Access
  • Online Control Panel to Manage your Email Accounts
  • 24x7 Active Monitoring

Website and Email Security

These days online security is fundamental, and this applies not just to your email but your website too. With increasing frequency hackers are able to intercept a web page when it is being delivered form the web server to your browser, and they are able to amend how it looks, and even dupe your visitors in to parting with their contact details for then to use for other nefarious reasons.

This is why all e64 email services are only available over TLS/SSL secure protocols, and all our new websites are automatically published over HTTPS with free SSL Certificates which means they cannot be hacked and your email and websites are being seen exactly as you indended.

As you can see this is why we say we take hosting very seriously and have ensured that all out hosting services are the of the very highest resilience and security.

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