New Phone Number for e64

e64 is Changing Phone Numbers

Why are we doing this?

Well the main reason is so we can see where everyone is getting our phone number from.

We want to know where people go to get our phone number, is it from the website, their own contact database, an email or some other marketing campaign we're running.

So we're changing to a set of numbers that we can track more easily, and as part of this we are switching to a new main number.

If you have any questions about this at all please give us a call, but don't forget to use our new number!

01299 518008

Change over timescales

Our new phone number is active already and you should start using this now.

Our old phone number will be inactive from the end of this month (31st October 2016), after which time it will not be available and you will have to use the new number.

Note that after this date the DDI Direct Dial numbers we have will no longer work either.

Because we're making this change to track our inbound calls, you may see some different numbers in some of our email campaigns, on our website or in some advertising, but don't let this confuse you as our main number will remain the number above!