The person or company referring e64 to another contact.


The person, company, business or organisation that e64 has been referred to.


The e64 Referral Programme as advertised on

Terms and Conditions

  • The programme is only active as long as it’s being advertised on
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate in the programme.
  • The programme is available to everyone, including all existing customers, prospects and contacts.
  • Directors, Employees or sub-contractors of e64 are not eligible to participate in the programme
  • The referrer must refer to e64 a business who is not an existing customer of, currently in negotiations with, or had any previous negations with e64.
  • To qualify the referee must be invoiced a minimum of £1250.00 ex VAT.
  • Only one referral per referee will be eligible. Where multiple referrals for the same referee are received by e64, only the first one will be eligible.
  • A referral will be deemed eligible when;
    1. it is made via the e64 Referral Program page on
    2. a referee signs a new contract agreement with e64 within 6 months of being referred.
    3. e64 has invoiced the referee for the minimum amount defined in these terms and conditions within 6 months of the contract date. The amount can be spread over multiple invoices, as long as those invoices are all for the first contract or project.
  • The referee cannot be an owner, employee, agent or sub agent for the referrer’s business.
  • The offer is not valid and rewards are not payable for self-referrals.
  • The offer cannot be exchanged for monetary value, good or services other than those that are advertised as part of the programme.
  • e64 reserves the right to cancel the e64 Referral Program without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referrer at any time for any reason.
  • All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the e64 Referral Program will be resolved by e64 in its sole discretion.
  • We respect your privacy and so we collect and process all data in accordance with UK data protection legislation currently in force. Our e64 Referral Program uses our website Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions so everyone’s completely safe.
  • For each successful referral e64 will either send an iPad Mini 2, or set up a Campaign Conversion Kit for the referring customer at such time as the referee has been invoiced the minimum amount as defined within these terms and conditions.
  • There is no limit as to the number of times a referrer can make a referral; each referral must meet these terms and conditions.
  • We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on this page. Continued participation in the Referral Program after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification.
  • If the referrer has chosen to receive the iPad Mini 2, the following apply;
    1. The offer is only for the Apple iPad Mini 2, Wi-Fi Only, 16GB.
    2. The referrer may choose colour depending on availability at the time. If the preferred colour is not available, a different colour will be selected.
    3. If the specific iPad Mini 2 model is no longer available when a referral becomes eligible, the referrer will be contacted to discuss alternative options up to a value of £220.00 including VAT, however a cash alternative will not be an option.
  • If the referrer has chosen to the Campaign Conversion Kit, the following apply;
    1. Although the Campaign Conversion Kit will allow unlimited landing pages for unlimited Campaigns, only the first landing page will be designed, developed and setup by e64 as part of this offer.
    2. The Campaign Conversion Kit and first landing page must be setup and live within the 6 months of the referral becoming eligible. If any delay is the fault of e64, then this deadline will be extended accordingly.
    3. The offer only includes set up for the Campaign Conversion Kit on e64's own hosting servers. If alternative hosting is preferred then e64 will contact the referrer to discuss if any setup costs apply.
  • There is no limit as to the number of times a referrer can make a referral but each separate referral must meet these terms and conditions.

That's it, quite straightforward really, so happy referring!