Secure Website Hosting

At e64 we have our own rack, servers, virtual servers and backup systems. We have a system in place the makes exact copies of every one of our servers to a different part of the country so if something happens to one of our servers we just switch to using the copy while we figure out what happened - everything just keeps running and at most we’ll have lost just 30 seconds worth of data.

Here's the technical bit that explains what happens; we replicate our servers every 30 seconds to “fail-over” servers, which means if anything happens to the primary server hardware, the fail-over kicks in. If the issue is something major that should render the whole hosting center inoperable (e.g. nearby gas explosion in the city our servers are located), we also replicate to servers in a separate locations in the England so we just bring these online. This level of business continuity costs businesses £1000's which is why small and medium sized businesses hardly ever implement it.

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