Whiteboard Animation

Why are they so effective?

Videos have become a popular marketing tool, as they are one of the best ways to connect with audiences.

Videos give you a way to combine words and pictures in an entertaining format to explain your product or your business.

Your viewer will sit and watch a video to the end, whereas give them the same information in text format and they will rarely read beyond the first few sentences.

There are many types of video formats you can use to get your message across to your audience;

  • Webcam videos - where someone speaks into the camera
  • Videos shot with phones
  • Slideshow videos - such as PowerPoint

These type of videos take advantage of the short attention span of the average viewer, however they have their limitations, PowerPoint can be boring as there are so many of them online and they all tend to look the same. Videos shot using a phone can look amateurish and may not portray the correct image for your business and webcam videos although they are good at explaining your point not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera. Furthermore you need to have the correct skills and equipment to make these look good.

So what's so special about whiteboard videos?

Whiteboard videos are getting more popular but they are still relatively uncommon which means it's still possible to use them to brand yourself and give yourself an edge over your competition. You can still gain all the ranking benefits that are associated with videos in general.

Whiteboard animation videos are professional looking videos with several advantages;

  • No need to appear in front of the camera
  • Whiteboard animation is entertaining and eye-catching
  • More professional looking than slide-show videos
  • They are a good way to explain concepts in a simple engaging way

What you need to do now

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