Eight things for a good email subject

Eight things for a good email subject

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Eight things for a good email subject

Subject was – You’re kidding me, it’s that straightforward?

Without a good subject line you may as well not bother writing the email at all!

This email takes you through a few things to consider to help make sure your emails get opened. With fewer than five seconds to convince a recipient to open an email instead of delete it, you need to give your email’s subject line an edge.

It’s important to give your subject line some impact, so it’s helpful to keep them short; aim for 50 characters or less. Making the subject line longer runs the risk of having the end get cut off, especially if a recipient is using a mobile device to check email.

Below are eight different styles of subject lines from a list of subjects for the most opened emails of 2015:

Self interest
Imply the recipient will personally benefit in some way from the email, e.g. Read this before clicking Send.

Give a sense of intrigue to the subject., e.g. Still doing it the old way?

Directly stating what you are giving away or selling can be a great way to get the recipient to open and find out, e.g. Get your Facebook advertising plan.

Urgency or Scarcity
These are powerful subject lines to use, making recipient act NOW use sparingly though not to exhaust them, e.g. I’m closing it down!

Every so often you can remind your readers that you’re human, e.g. I was wrong…

Keeping your recipients informed about new developments in your field builds authority. These work well with a curiosity element, e.g. New tool changes webinars forever.

Social proof
We like to look at the behaviour of others when making decisions, so mentioning success stories or familiar names can leverage recipients, e.g. A customer’s success from this game changer.

Tease the recipient with the beginning of one, a unique way of highlighting a benefit for opening the email, e.g. How Jack got 76,974 YouTube views in 10 days.

One of the best rules of thumb to use when sending emails as part of a digital marketing strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of your recipients. Consider which types of subject lines would turn you away, and avoid using them. Make it your goal to engage your recipients with clear subject lines that communicate that the valuable information they seek is a mere click away.

With this in mind, have a go at creating your enticing, engaging subject line and get more people opening your emails. Next week we’ll look at how to hook your recipient into reading your email once they have opened it..

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