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Google AdWords

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March 10, 2016
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Google AdWords

Subject was – Major changes at Google could really affect your business

As a business it’s quite likely you will have used the advertising phenomenon that is Google AdWords at some point in its 15 year history.

When it launched, AdWords had 350 advertisers, today it has more than 1 million, and Google are now making arguably the most significant change to AdWords since its launch all those years ago.

Google are aligning the desktop browsing experience with mobile, they are taking the user experience and design of their mobile products and emulating that approach on desktop computers. There is no space on mobile devices for adverts on the right side so the changes to their desktop product reflect that. Instead, they have made extra space before the organic search results for the paid adverts to be shown.

This is a major change that will have significant impact on your business if you are advertising with AdWords, or are planning to any time soon. However tucked away in this change are some real positives, for example all your ads will now include ad extensions, which is fantastic for us advertisers.

Most of your customers will have been viewing search results like this for sometime as its the way search pages are shown on mobile devices, and given that roughly 53% of the mobile phone population perform searches on their phones, Google asserts that we will all be used to it.

The removal of the right side ads will certainly make these top and bottom ads even more competitive, so as a business you may have to think of clever ways to maximise the benefit gained from your AdWords budget, and we can help you do this.

Now more than ever it is important you get your focus of your campaigns correct, with everyone now fighting for the 4 premium spaces at the top of the search page. Not only to make sure you are visible above the fold on desktop computers (this is now filled with PPC adverts) but to also be the first thing your customer sees when searching on their mobile device.

So if this excites you, scares you or just intrigues you we can help with an existing campaign or we can set up an AdWords campaign for you, please just reply to this email or give me a call on 01299 400797 and choose option 1.