How to make sure your emails reach their destination

How to make sure your emails reach their destination

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How to make sure your emails reach their destination

Subject was – Has this email reached you?

It’s reckoned that 90% of the world’s email are spam so how do you stop your emails being treated as one of them?

Here is a short checklist you can use, to help your email reach its destination and be read.

Get added to white lists
Ask people to add your email address to their white lists. You can ask them on your ‘thank you for signing up’ page, and remind them in all your auto-responders.

Let people unsubscribe
Don’t be precious about your list, if people are not interested, or don’t want to hear from you, let them unsubscribe easily.

Keep your data clean
Remove addresses that keep bouncing; they’re no good to you and don’t make your email activities appear professional.

Be consistent
Use the same name and email account each time you send out a marketing email, so systems and people can start to recognise you.

Be transparent
Add your business name and postal address to every email you send, no one likes anonymous people.

Keep it simple
No images or attachments – just send plain text emails with only one or two links.

Do the opposite of spammers
Check your own spam folders, and do the opposite of whatever they have done!

If you make sure all the above points are met then your emails stand a much better chance that they will end up where you want them to, and be read by the intended recipient.

Also keeping your emails succinct, helpful and to the point will give you a better chance of getting those emails read, not least because the content will be more user-friendly.

Happy emailing!