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Website’s should be mobile-friendly
November 18, 2015
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Mobile Websites

Subject was – Act now before Google does

Most businesses like yours do not have a mobile website, and this is really good news don’t you agree?

With the majority of UK websites being accessed with handheld devices, it can be really quite a frustrating affair for the visitor. However it appears that many businesses are just not interested in these people or perhaps don’t even know they are out there. Whatever the reason thankfully they are pushing most of their website traffic elsewhere.

And when you add into the mix that Google is promoting mobile-ready sites ahead of desktop sites, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every business needs to sit up and take notice of this under valued traffic.

So why is this great? Well rewind 5 years and there were plenty of businesses who hadn’t realised the impact of the Internet and didn’t think they needed a website. Back to the present and the Internet is now cluttered with websites all clamouring for your attention, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone still saying their business doesn’t need one.

Now Fast Forward a few years and you start to see that mobile-ready sites will be just the same, and yet many businesses have not appreciated what is at stake. You should, of course be delighted. Businesses that do embrace the idea and ‘go mobile’ not only present a professional face to their customers but they can seriously push ahead of their competitors; opportunities like this don’t come every day.

If you want your prospects and customers to see your business leading the way, or you need to understand more about the opportunity this presents, follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Group (you need to click the “Join” button) where, for the next six weeks only, we’ll be posting straight forward, down to earth points for you to consider. Alternatively we can email them to you if you sign up here. Either way, by the end, you’ll know exactly why we say that it is such great news that businesses like yours have not gone mobile.