Project Spotlight – Moodboard

Project Spotlight – Moodboard

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April 6, 2016
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April 21, 2016
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Project Spotlight – Moodboard

Subject was – Are you Board or in the Mood?

This month were looking at how we were able to create an interactive moodboard for Interior Designers to use to put all their ideas in one place but more importantly be able to store this digitally and also share this with other people at the click of a button; which ordinarily they wouldn’t have been able to do when using traditional methods.

It was produced specifically for a fine furnishing company for their interior design clients to use to explore their creative thinking when viewing the products available and produce a montage of ideas that they would then in turn show their clients.

The moodboard has been designed so you can grab product images that are available on the website, upload images from your own computer or even pull them in directly from Google images. You can add text which you can resize, rotate and edit the text and you can even edit the images. Editing images is a particularly great function because when you have multiple images all overlapping one another, if any of them has a background this could block out the image underneath and prove annoying. So the moodboard has the functionality to remove the background so you end up with a cut out of the actual image item, which you can use to sensibly overlap another image.

This bespoke customisation has proved very popular and has allowed the Interior Designers to use their traditional techniques in a modern way.

Take a look at the moodboard and see what creative flare you have! or view the example one I have created.

If looking at this has got you thinking about bespoke ideas you have, why not get in touch and see if we can bring your ideas to life.