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August 29, 2017
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September 19, 2017
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Setting up your first business website

These are things you need to remember when setting up your first business website.

With money being very tight when your first set out, like everyone you are tempted into everything that is free, well some free things are good and useful but others you should think twice about before embarking on a journey you think is right, only to find out its not.

When it comes to your website, lots of companies offer you free hosting, free domain name or even a free website, but as with many things that are free there is always a catch, or the service is limited until you part with some valuable cash.

Things to think about when going for the freebies:

  • Will your customer purchase from someone who can't afford to invest in their own domain name?
  • The same with email addresses that don't reflect your company name, like using a generic gmail one.
  • Free hosting - if your not paying for server space and security how do you know your site is secure and reliable, and that it will stay online in the future with no assurance?
  • Most free websites perceive to be just as good as ones you pay for, but in reality you are limited to what changes you can make and most importantly changes to content. Which we all know Google loves fresh content, so keeping your website up to date is important when it comes to ranking.

If you are thinking about setting up your own business website or have you one and see all these adverts offering free things to do with websites, just think, sometimes free isn't always good!

If you would like to talk us about setting up a website, hosting or domain names please get in touch, kat@e64.com