Six seeds to sow for your business to grow

Six seeds to sow for your business to grow

Happy 12 days of Christmas
December 17, 2015
Making your website a lead gen machine
January 22, 2016
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Six seeds to sow for your business to grow

Subject was – Six seeds to sow for your business to grow

Happy New Year from all of us at e64.

It’s that time of year where everyone looks at what they are going to achieve over the next 12 months, and many entrepreneurs, business owners and managers have the business’ website squarely in their sights.

Over the coming months we’ll be helping you plan what to do, show you what you should focus on, and how to do it.

In the meantime here’s something to start fine tuning your thoughts, we’ve listed the top 6 things you should do to cement your website at the heart of your businesses marketing efforts, and don’t forget, we’re always here to help;

Make it mobile friendly
2016 is will be the year when having a website specifically optimised for the mobile platform is an absolute must. Without a mobile ready website you’ll lose out on so many opportunities and Google will demote your ranking on Mobile searches for those businesses that have made this commitment and build a mobile website.

Make your site a Lead Gen machine
Add clear calls to action (CTAs) on your site with a tempting give-away to encourage your visitors to give you their email details in exchange for the freebie, then use email systems like MailChimp, Constant Contact etc. to then send them regular and frequent automated email follow ups. Have a pre-written set of emails – 52 should do it, then as and when someone signs up the mailing platform just starts sending them the emails, one a week, for the next year.

Use Video
Video content is so much better than the written word on so many different levels, you’d be mad not to start making use of the medium to engage with your site’s visitors. It adds personality, gets your message across much more easily and gives the visitor something more interesting to watch than a bunch of words on a screen.

Make Your Calls to Action Front and Centre
We all know the stats – you have 8 seconds to capture your visitors interest. Did you also know that over 80% of visitors leave your site before they scroll down at all? So, you need to get your calls to action “above the fold” at the top of the website so they don’t have to scroll down to see them. Make them clear, compelling and easily accessible.

Dedicated Landing Pages
Now’s the time to trail using dedicated landing pages for specific marketing campaigns, and see how the clear focus, lack of distractions and clear Calls to Action will significantly improve your conversion rate.

Pay for your Traffic
Stop prevaricating, and put some money into your Internet Marketing. Every business has marketing spend, yet so many of these see allocating a chunk of this to Internet Marketing as something a bit scary and to be avoided. Yet at the same time when you ask most entrepreneurs, business owners, and business managers where they find new suppliers, products, or services they’ll pretty much all give you the same answer – Google!

So cast aside your fears and embrace the concept that paying for leads from Google it not only ok, its positively excellent. It’s reliable, measurable and saleable. What other marketing methods achieve all these three goals? Become a Google AdWords Guru, find out what remarketing is, then sign up and start remarketing.

Now don’t look at this and think “Yeah ok, I know I need to do this, I’ll look at it later in the month”! These things will definitely improve your business, so if you don’t have time to spend on this then give me a shout and we can see how we could help out.