Custom coding, api integration, payment gateways

If you can think of it, we can build it.

Booking systems, stock control applications, payment gateways
online calculators, drag and drop design tools, quote systems…

We can build anything: Booking systems, Stock control applications, payment gateways...

We can make you stand out from the crowd

e64 Ltd has over 13+ years development experience - we have provided complex bespoke solutions to businesses of all sizes, we have never been presented with a challenge we couldn't overcome. No matter how unusual or complex your requirements might be:

We have provided many businesses with custom solutions at an affordable price. Have a look below for example bespoke projects we have completed.

Business Hosting and Security

Where is this all stored?

Unlike many web developers we own and maintain all our hosting equipment which has been very highly spec’d for our eCommerce customers, so whether we’re building an ecommerce or brochure website you can be assured that your site will be constantly online and performing well.

To keep everything safe and secure we have very sophisticated firewalls and security checks, as such using our system all of your Customers’ details are safe from hackers.

However we all know things don’t always go to plan and computers can have bad days, occasionally proving to be terminal for the equipment. So to protect us, and our customers, from any mishaps we replicate our servers every 30 seconds to “fail-over” servers, which means if anything happens to the primary server hardware, the fail-over kicks in.

However if the issue is something major that should render the whole hosting centre inoperable, we also replicate to servers in a separate locations in England so these can come online in such circumstances. This level of business continuity often costs businesses £1000s which is why small and medium sized businesses hardly ever implement it, and why it is practically never a feature of standard hosting packages- except ours.

What do we use?

Our custom built web applications can interface using various coding languages and data technologies such as:

  • PHP / Linux
  • ASP / Windows
  • SQL
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • jQuery & HTML