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August 22, 2017
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Why do you need a responsive website?

These are four key reasons as to why you need a responsive website. This email is a bit wordy but stay with it as its all important information as to why you need a responsive website, and as with all things the best bit's saved to last!

Future Proofed

With mobile and tablet purchases rising year on year one thing is for sure your website needs to be able to be viewed on these devices. You can be rest assured nothing dramatic will change in the industry for years to come; although the devices change from time to time the browser on them remains the same, so having a responsive website now will be future proofed.

User Experience

The biggest thing when it comes to having a responsive website is to make the best experience for your customer. They don’t want to have to pinch and zoom to be able to tap on the calls to action you want them to interact with, you want them to be clear and easy to use. Mobile and tablet users browse the web in a different way to desktop users, they are normally on the go and generally don’t have a fast internet connection, so your website has to be fast loading and not full of distractions making them complete the goal you want them to. Not only is having a clear and easy to navigate responsive website great for user experience it is also a must have from Google as mentioned below.

Better SEO

Google has said that its recommendation for mobile devices is to have a responsive website rather than multiple sites setup on separate domains for mobile specific users. If Google has to index two different web pages that share the same content it will almost certainly downgrade both sites because of duplicate content issues. Google would much rather index a single domain and because of this those sites will get a higher ranking. Google also realises that if a website is responsive then the design of that site has been given some careful consideration for its users and the designers are trying to give the user a better user experience; and in Google’s eyes this means quality. So if Google are looking for quality websites and they recommend responsive web design for mobile configuration as the best industry practice then that means a responsive website is going to be better for SEO.

Save Money

A few years ago if you wanted your website to work on a mobile device you would have had to have two version of your website built and this would cost a lot of money to develop, having to pay for two lots of everything. Now, you can save a lot of money by developing one single responsive site that works across all platforms and devices. Not only is there a saving on the initial development costs there is also a saving with on going management, you won’t have two websites to maintain. When it comes to updates to your website you only have to do it once. With having two sites; a mobile one and a desktop one comes two sets of hosting costs, for what is essentially the same website in terms of content and message to your customer. Having a responsive website; one single site will incur just one hosting cost. Although the initial set up costs for a responsive site might feel costly, in the long run you will be saving money and this is why having a responsive website as well as the other points listed above is a must have.

If you want a website that can be found by Google, please your customers and save you money then talk to us about how we can create you a responsive website or how we can make your existing website a responsive one, click here.