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July 18, 2017
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DIY S.O.S. or a Professional Service?

Your website is the front of your business, so why wouldn't you want it the best it can be?

Many people decide it's a good idea to try and design and build their own website because the adverts tell you it's cheap and easy to do. It might be, but it's cheaper to go and change the break pads on your car youself but would you do it?

Yes you can find the parts you need online and watch a few YouTube videos on how to do it and suddenly you are a qualified mechanic and you can successfully change your own break pads. In reality it takes you hours or even days then you end up taking it to garage anyway as you can't quite figure out the last really important bit to make it all work; wasting a lot of your time and quite possibly money, and then you wonder why you didn't just take it to the garage in the first place!

Well websites are and should be no different, this is the first impression your customers have of your business so it needs to be a good one.

You go to professionals to have your breaks changed on your car, to have your boiler looked at, to have dental work, so why not go to a professional to have your website built?

Professional services do cost you more money than the DIY option but they cost more money because they know what they are doing, they are purveyors in their fields and should be used.

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