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July 10, 2017
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Hosting – Is your site in safe hands?

There are many hosting providers out there so how do you know which one is the best to use?

Is it based on price, like how most of us pick our energy supplier or should it be about something else? like service and reliability, storage space or back ups? or do you go with a large company just because you have heard of them?

We are going to discuss the options and hopefully give you a better understanding when it comes to finding the right hosting company.

Price - You need to find out what you are going to get for your money. Prices can be both cheap and expensive sometimes for what seems the same thing but is it? A few things you need to think about are:

Service and Reliability - Is you hosting company reliable? What is the response time should there be an issue with your site? You should be looking for a quick response ideally within a few hours, with the issued being fixed within 24.

Storage Space - Are you limited to the amount of storage space you have on a server? or at worst are you sharing space with thousands of other sites? this can cause your site to be slow to load and also has an increase of possibility of your site being hacked; if one site on the server gets hacked it may cause other sites to be infected.

Equipment - Are the servers that store your website based in the UK? if they aren't this could cause problems with scheduled maintenance due to the time differences.

Company Name - Going with a well known big company doesn't necessarily make then better, look what happened with 123 reg last year; they accidentally deleted some of their customers' websites, actually they deleted the servers they were on. So not always does it pay to go with a big well known company.

Back Up - What happens if the server your website site on fails? You need to check your site is being backed up and if so how often.

So when picking your hosting provider don't just go with the cheapest, consider the points we have discussed as with most things you get what you pay for.

How we look after your site

Your website is a very important asset to your company and I would assume like most you couldn’t operate without it, which is why we take hosting and security seriously.

We have our own hosting equipment that is very highly spec’d and very sophisticated firewalls and security checks keeping your customers details safe. In the off chance our computers have a bad day we have “fail-over” servers where our servers replicate every 30 seconds to. We also replicate to servers in separate locations in England should some catastrophic happen. So you can be rest assured your site and the confidential information it may contain will be very safe with us.

If you would like to discuss website hosting and find out more about the service we have to offer please get in touch

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